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IT Security:
Albil's Success Story
with Securify Identity



Embark on an extraordinary journey as we unveil Albil's remarkable success story, showcasing how Securify Identity's revolutionary identity and access management solutions empowered them to transform their IT security and identity management practices. Learn how Albil, a crucial IT service provider for Albayrak Holding, integrated Securify Identity into the core of their systems, starting from the initial need for VPN connections. Discover how this pivotal decision laid the foundation for advancements in data security, enabling them to enhance their overall IT security.

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Customer Profile

Albil, a crucial subsidiary of Albayrak Holding, efficiently manages the IT operations of diverse companies across logistics, media, and manufacturing industries.

Operating as a multinational corporation, Albayrak Holding has established its presence in various countries, including Somalia, Guinea, Azerbaijan, and Morocco, underscoring its global footprint.

Ensuring seamless digital experiences for all companies under the holding's umbrella, Albil plays a vital role in their growth.

Challenges & IT Operations:

 Albil Corporation operates with dedicated teams under the Information Technology Directorate, including Information Security, Network and Communication, System Development, and End User Support (Help Desk).

Managing an extensive network of local and remote domains, overseeing approximately 100 domains with precision.

Handling critical systems for 126 companies and a vast workforce of 15,000 employees, necessitating stringent security measures.

Striving to adhere to rigorous regulations (GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO27701, ISO27301) while safeguarding sensitive data during the pandemic.






Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures: Albil's Proactive Approach to User Authentication

Amidst the pandemic, Albil faced heightened cybersecurity threats, necessitating swift action to enhance the security their VPN and remote connections.

Implementing multi factor authentication and access control across VPN, SSH, Remote Desktop, Web Portals, and Email was of paramount importance. This step was taken to shield user accounts from identity theft and brute-force attacks to ensure seamless business operations.

Albil's cyber security central vision revolves around positioning Securify Identity wherever user credentials are required including both extranet and intranet, reinforcing a defense-in-depth approach.

Increased visibility, adaptive access control capabilities, and the focus on balancing usability and security were the other significant items on their cyber security agenda.

Implementing IAM system would not only meet all these requirements but also elevate Albil’s security posture, improve central management and administrative convenience, aligning with their strategic business goals.

“By implementing reverse factor authentication, we have successfully foiled brute-force attacks, providing an additional security layer to protect our user accounts from unauthorized access and account locks."

Mehmet Koç, Information Security Chief

Why Securify Identity?


Extensive research, including vendor comparisons, onsite implementation assessments, and technical meetings, guided Albil's decision to choose Securify Identity's comprehensive and customizable IAM solution.

Besides innovative and powerfull security features of the product, Securify Identity's impactful presence and responsive support played a pivotal role as well in addressing Albil's urgent security needs during the pandemic.

With Securify Identity, Albil found a trusted partner committed to continuous development and seamless, flexible solutions.

Achievements with Securify Identity:

Enhancing the Security of Remote Access

Albil swiftly enhanced the remote access security of their employees with Securify Identity's MFA solution, providing a rich set of factors spanning from time- based One-Time Passwords (OTP) to more user-friendly options like push-based approvals and biometrics.


Powerful Defense Against Brute-Force Attacks

Leveraging a unique feature of Securify Identity, the reverse factor authentication, adds an extra layer of security. This approach insists users to perform multi factor authentication before entering their passwords by replacing the order of the authentication flow. This proactive measure effectively prevents brute-force attacks, safeguarding user accounts against unauthorized access and account locks.


Central Management and Improved Visibility

With a broad set of integration capabilities, Securify Identity enabled Albil to seamlessly integrate the majority of their systems with the platform. This facilitated centralized monitoring and control of all authentication and access transactions, enabling heightened visibility and management.


Streamlined User Experience

Albil places significant emphasis on ensuring that all its implemented cybersecurity systems not only provide enhanced solutions to its users but also prioritize usability. In alignment with this principle, features such as the rapid and easy to use push approval mechanism, the ability to activate multi-factor authentication selectively based on adaptive access rules, and user friendly admin console interface have rendered Securify Identity the preferred choice for Albil.

“Thanks to the Adaptive Access policies provided by Securify Identity, we were able to elevate the level of security only when necessary, effectiveliy addressing administrative challenges and significantly boosting end-user satisfaction."

Murat Er, Information Technologies Manager

Looking Towards the Future

Albil continues to collaborate with Securify Identity to further enhance their security posture.

Effective communication, quick problem-solving, and the ongoing development of user-friendly

features remain at the forefront of their partnership.

Albil's confidence in Securify Identity's potential for global success has solidified, and they enthusiastically recommend their solution to enterprises worldwide.

In Conclusion

Albil's success story with Securify Identity stands as a testament to their commitment to data security and their resilience during challenges.

Securify Identity's advanced solutions empower businesses to securely thrive amidst adversity and increased risk.

Harness the potential of Securify Identity's innovative solutions to elevate your organization's IT security, ensuring a promising, user-friendly, and secure future for your business.

Securify Identity
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