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Securify Identity and Access Management Platform

Centralized and Smooth Access

Scalable Platform
Audit Analytics

•  Users
•  Identities
•  Groups
•  Zones
•  Credentials
•  External Directory (LDAP, AD, DB etc)

Directory Services

•  User Provisioning

•  User Deprovisioning

•  Automatic Group /

Role Assignment

•  Workflows

User Lifecycle Management

•  Primary Auth.

•  Multi-Factor Auth.

•  Reverse Auth.

•  Passwordless Auth.

•  Authentication Source/Sequence

•  Rules

•  Roles

•  Attributes

•  Adaptive Access


Securify Identity provides a comprehensive identity and access management platform with a diverse array of advanced features to aid businesses in safeguarding their systems and sensitive data. Utilizing Securify Identity, organizations can effortlessly provision and manage user identities while implementing adaptive access controls with a vast range of rules.


One of the key features of Securify Identity is its Lifecycle Management capabilities. This allows organizations to define and manage the complete lifecycle of user identities, from initial provisioning to final deprovisioning. This is achieved through the use of Workflows, which are used to automatically assign users to roles and groups, and to enforce rules based on the attributes of the user, such as their title and department.

Workflows are composed of three phases: trigger, condition, and action


The trigger determines when the workflow will be executed, such as during a sync from an external directory. 


Finally, the action phase determines what actions will be taken if the conditions are met, such as assigning the user to specific groups or roles.


The condition is a set of conditional statements that must be met in order for the workflow to proceed, such as if the user's department is Marketing and their title contains the word "manager". These statements can be combined using logical operators such as AND and OR.


In addition to Lifecycle Management and Workflow capabilities, Securify Identity also offers advanced security features. One of the key features of Securify Identity is its behavioral analytics capabilities. This allows organizations to monitor user behavior and detect potential security threats in real-time. By analyzing patterns of user activity, Securify Identity can identify anomalies and alert administrators to potential security risks, enabling them to take appropriate action.


Another key feature of Securify Identity is its risk-based adaptive access capabilities. This allows organizations to adjust access controls based on the level of risk associated with a given user or device. For example, a user who has been flagged as high-risk due to suspicious behavior may be required to provide additional authentication factors before being granted access to sensitive systems or data.
To support this risk-based approach to access control, Securify Identity also uses behavioral biometrics to assess the risk of access requests and grant or deny access accordingly. This involves analyzing a wide range of factors, including the user's typing speed, mouse movements, and other behaviors, to determine the likelihood that an access request is genuine.

In addition to these advanced security features, Securify Identity also offers single sign-on and passwordless authentication options. This makes it easy for users to access the systems they need without having to remember multiple passwords or deal with cumbersome authentication processes.

Securify Identity can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and is designed to be highly available and scalable to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. With its powerful security capabilities and flexible deployment options, Securify Identity is a comprehensive and effective platform for managing user identities and access controls.



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