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Identity management and orchestration is a set of processes and technologies used to manage, coordinate, and automate the various identity and access management (IAM) tasks and functions within an organization. This can include tasks such as user provisioning and de-provisioning, authentication and authorization, and access control.


Securify Identity is an identity and access management platform that offers comprehensive integration capabilities, allowing it to be easily integrated with other systems and applications. This can help organizations streamline their IAM processes and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their identity management and orchestration efforts.

Additionally, Securify Identity is able to provision identity from various identity providers, including LDAP, Active Directory, Azure, and custom databases. This allows organizations to use a variety of different sources for their identity data, and can help ensure that their IAM processes are effective and secure.

Securify Identity also offers just-in-time provisioning, which allows it to automatically provision new users and accounts based on real-time data and events. This can help organizations quickly and efficiently grant access to the resources and information that users need, without compromising security.

Overall, comprehensive identity management capabilities of Securify Identity can help organizations better manage and control access to their resources and information. This can help ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data and systems, and can help prevent unauthorized access and other security threats.



Local Directory

Securify has a built-in local directory where users, identities and credentials can be defined.


Multi-Directory Support

Securify supports multi directory sync and identity federation. 


External Directory 

Securify has the ability to migrate  users from external directories such as LDAP, AD, Azure or a Database and supports immediate and scheduled sync.


Attribute Mapping

Securify has an advanced attribute mapping capability where different rules can be enforced during the mapping.


Just-In-time Provisioning

Securify can provision users just after the first primary authentication without making any pre-sync action


Identity Level Settings

Securify identity module enables Identity status, MFA status or Factor type to be changed instantly.

Securify Identity and Access Management Platform

Centralized and Smooth Access

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