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We are celebrating record growth!

Dear Investors, Customers and Friends,

2022 has been a fascinating year for our company. The first crowdfunding campaign of in 2022 was launched for Securify. With a record investment of more than 10 million TL in a short period of 3.5 hours, we completed this campaign with your admiration and intense interest. With this investment round, our company became a large family of 1720 shareholders.

With the support received from you, we have achieved enormous results this year. Our company showed a record growth in 2022 by achieving 2.9 times growth in sales turnover, 3.4 times in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and 5.4 times in the number of end users as compared to previous year.

We would like to thank all our investors, customers, business partners and all our friends who support us, including our Securify team and valuable members of our board of directors, who have put great effort and wish to achieve even a bigger success in 2023.


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