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Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a critical tool for protecting your accounts from cyberattacks. By adding an extra layer of security beyond just a password or username, MFA helps ensure that even if your password is stolen, your account stays safe.

In fact, according to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, weak and stolen passwords are responsible for 80% of account takeover attacks in cybersecurity. With the rise of remote work during the pandemic, these attacks have become even more common, making MFA more important than ever.

But not all MFA methods are created equal. Traditional MFA methods rely on a primary factor, such as a password, and a secondary factor, such as an MFA app on your mobile phone. While this can be effective, it still leaves your primary password vulnerable to attacks like Brute Force Attacks, Dictionary Attacks, Password Guessing Attacks, Password Spray Attacks, and Password Replay Attacks.

That's where reverse factor authentication comes in. Instead of relying on a password as the primary factor, reverse factor authentication exchanges the primary factor with the secondary factor. For example, with our Securify Identity product, you can use our mobile app to authenticate yourself first, and then enter your Active Directory password as the secondary factor.

This simple yet highly effective method renders attacks against your primary password ineffective because there is no longer a password entry screen for attackers to try these attacks on. And with the rise of remote work and the increased risk of cyberattacks, this type of protection is more important than ever.

At Securify, we offer a range of products to help you implement MFA and reverse factor authentication in your organization. Our Securify Access Gateway (SAG) product lets you enter an OTP code on our mobile app instead of your AD password when making a VPN connection or accessing the management panel of your network and security devices. And with our Securify SSO and Federation Product, you can authenticate using OTP or Mobile Confirmation through our mobile app, and then enter your AD password through standard protocols such as SAML2, OIDC, or WS-Federation when logging into your corporate software.

Don't leave your accounts vulnerable to cyberattacks. Request a free POC from us today to try the REVERSE FACTOR MFA method and see how it can significantly increase your primary factor password security. Contact us at (redirecting to a form) to get started.


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