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We are proud to announce our TRtest Product Conformity Certificate!

Our valued customers,

We are continuously raising the standards of our product SecurifyID in order to serve you better and fulfill your expectations. In this context, TRtest Product Conformity Certificate we have received recently has a great meaning. The certificate was issued by TRtest Test and Evaluation INC, a company established in partnership with the Defence Industry Agency, Turkish Standards Institute, TUBITAK, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc.

With the support and coordination of the Turkish Cyber Security Cluster, a certification study has been initiated in different fields of cyber security to ensure that national products meet the desired requirements. One of these fields is Identity and Access Management, which is rapidly developing in our country. As one of the leading companies in this field, we have made important contributions to the development of this standard.

Now, we are proud for receiving this certificate for SecurifyID; it now becomes the first certified fully-integrated IAM system with its Anomaly and Threat Detection module. Having this certificate means that our product has successfully passed the comprehensive security tests at many stages and securely meets the identity and access management needs of security-critical organizations.

Our SecurifyID product is already in use by many public and private sector organizations. If you are looking for a certified identity and access management solution to include in your cybersecurity portfolio, we invite you to join the Securify family. Contact us (


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