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"Passwordless Authentication is an approach that has recently gained significant attention in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain. Gartner defines Passwordless Authentication as the cybersecurity technology that will have the strongest trend and impact over the next three years. In essence, passwordless authentication is an authentication method that enables users to access corporate networks and applications without using a password but with stronger authentication mechanisms.

Passwordless Authentication is generally used together with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On solutions to improve the user experience, enhance security, and reduce the complexity and associated costs of the IT network structure. As a technology that can provide both security and usability at the same time, Passwordless Authentication is a useful factor in reducing the workload of information security teams, eliminating passwords, and introducing much stronger factors.

In our previous posts, we discussed how passwords have gradually lost their accepted functionality in providing security. The number of services and applications accessed within an organization is increasing day by day, and the problems that users experience with passwords are also increasing. While IT managers try to maintain security levels through stronger password policies, things are getting even more complicated for users. These policies have been more successful in increasing the difficulties users face, rather than security. Users are forced to memorize and keep track of frequently changing passwords. Many users have resorted to risky methods such as using the same password for different applications, choosing weak passwords, repeating passwords, or physically storing passwords on sticky notes. The result has been an expanded attack surface, with more services and applications, more users, more and more complex passwords that can be used by attackers.

In the utopian scenario where password policies are well managed, and users have a high level of awareness of passwords, passwords continue to harbor multiple vulnerabilities. Simple authentication methods that require only a username and password combination are not inherently secure enough. Attackers can guess or use various techniques to obtain identity information. In this scenario, what remains to protect your IT infrastructure from an attacker?

Passwordless Authentication eliminates the need for passwords, which must be memorized and protected from attackers. By eliminating risky password policies, Passwordless Authentication reduces attack vectors and enhances security. It also improves the user experience by eliminating the number and intensity of passwords. Securify Identity is Turkey's first national identity and access management solution that provides passwordless authentication. With Securify MFA product, authentication can be achieved using different proofs such as physical biometrics (fingerprint, facial recognition) or behavioral biometrics, hardware tokens, authentication factors on mobile devices (Push Approvals, TOTP, SMS), instead of passwords. Our solution that can use Push Approvals and mobile biometric methods together, combines what the user has (mobile phone) and what the user is (biometrics) factors, and provides a much stronger authentication mechanism compared to passwords. In this case, for an attacker to perform authentication, it would require stealing both the user's phone and physical biometrics, making such an attack almost impossible.

Securify Identity also enables risk-based authentication using contextual information (location, date and time information, IP address, device type, browser and platform information, etc.) through its adaptive authentication features. This way, usability and security are achieved at the same time, rather than being two separate ends of the balance.

To learn more about how Securify Identity's passwordless authentication solutions can enhance your organization's security and user experience, our team is ready to provide you with a customized demo and consultation. Contact us today and take the first step towards a more secure and password-free future.


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