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Authentication-enabled attribute-based access control for smart homes


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Melike Burakgazi Bilgen, Osman Abul, Kemal Bicakci


International Journal of Information Security


Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Smart home technologies constantly bring significant convenience to our daily lives. Unfortunately, increased security risks accompany this convenience. There can be severe consequences when unauthorized or malicious users gain access to smart home devices. Therefore, dependable and comprehensive access control models are needed to address the security concerns. To this end, the attribute-based access control (ABAC) model is usually considered the most satisfactory access control model for running IoT applications. However, the uncertainty left with the authentication stage should be carried to the authorization policy specification. In this work, we extend the ABAC model by carrying the assurance level of user authentication obtained from biometric authentication systems for authorization. The extended ABAC model quantifies how far the authentication matching score is from the predefined threshold …

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