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Towards Usable Solutions to Graphical Password Hotspot Problem


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Kemal Bıçakcı, Nart Bedin Atalay, Mustafa Yüceel, Hakan Gürbaşlar, Burak Erdeniz


2009 IEEE 33Rd International Computer Software And Applications Conference, Vols 1 And 2


Click based graphical passwords that use background images suffer from hot-spot problem. Previous graphical password schemes based on recognition of images do not have a sufficiently large password space suited for most Internet applications. In this paper, we propose two novel graphical password methods based on recognition of icons to solve the hotspot problem without decreasing the password space. The experiment we have conducted that compares the security and usability of proposed methods with earlier work (i.e. Passpoints) shows that hotspot problem can be eliminated if a small increase in password entrance and confirmation times is tolerable.

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